My Fitness Set Back

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My fitness Life Style has taken a major set back 2020 due to Covid. Gyms have remained closed Since March.  It has been extremely difficult for me to stay motivated because I  love going to the gym.  In this video I  explain how difficult it has been for me this year. I talk about my personal situation and the struggle I have had trying to maintain my weight.  I  wanted to share my experience with you.

I have tried to remain positive but I  have given up hope that gyms will open soon.  My set back is ready to make a comeback! I have invested in purchasing weights from , In this video I  share what I  purchased.  These weights will get me back on track .  Walking and jogging are just not enough for me I need to gain back my strength and my muscle 

  I have decided it’s time to take control of my fitness lifestyle. 


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