My Poochie’s Birthday

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Today is Anitta’s 1st Birthday.  She looks so cute and adorable.

She is camera trained and loves to pose, she is a total yorkie diva with style.  I wanted her 1st Birthday to be super cute special and fun. I spoiled my baby today.  she deserves it because she gives me unconditional love licks and kisses. I baked her a carob strawberry -rasberry cake with a little vanilla ice cream that I ordered from chewy .  We made a special trip to the pet store I bought her princess looking dress at Petsmart , ordered her crown and bow from amazon , took her to the pet salon to get fully groomed, bought her new toys and yummy treats, she liked everything about her Birthday she loved all her gifts and if you look closely she is smiling in the video and on a few pictures.

The Day Anitta came into my life I  vowed to be a loving pet parent to always protect her , take her to her routine vet checks , play with her, get up early, set her on a routine schedule to give her consistency , take her for walks, go to the park and provide the best lifestyle for her.  I  promised myself  I would  raise her to be a good girl. Her personality is very sweet but feisty when she needs to be.  she protects me with her cute barks. I never imagined that I  would love a dog as much as I love her.  She is my little twinkle star.  Anitta fills my heart with love she has taught me the true meaning of patience.  My poochie makes me smile and laugh . I  look forward to a sweet loving puppy everyday.  I love my poochie she is everything a pet mom would love.

Anitta eres Mi cosita linda de mi corazón.

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