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Welcome to my beauty blog. Creating this blog had me feeling a little vulnerable I’ve never opened up about my beauty secrets and my skin regimen but now you have seen me without makeup! Then I thought about it deeper and started feeling proud about the way I take care of myself and here I am sharing my beauty regimen with you. In the process of creating the video I started thinking about all the women who do not take the time to focus on their skin. This is why I decided to share my routine. In this blog I will provide details of all the products I use. Face wash, sunscreen, moisturizers, serums, masks and exfoliators. First thing you need to do is identify your skin type then find the best product that works for you. create a skin care routine wether its daily, weekly or monthly. You can thank me later XOXOXO….

I personally use Dermalogica and ROC, both are Anti-aging Age-Smart products. Yes they are a bit pricy but can you really put a price on what benefits your beautiful face? My skin is hydrated it GLOWS and I feel refreshed.

AM : In the morning I wash my face with cool water. Leave the roller in the freezer for 15 minutes while I brush my teeth. I then apply the Vitamin C serum once I’m done I take the roller out of the freezer and massage my face with the quartz rose roller for 3 minutes then I apply the ROC SPF 30 moisturizer, ROC wrinkle filler, ROC multi correction chest, neck, and face cream and last ROC retinol correction eye cream. for my lips I apply sun defense chapstick.

PM: Cleansing …Remove my eye makeup with neutrogena eye makeup remover then remove the rest of my makeup with Spa Scriptions cleansing wipes along with the Dermalogica precleanse and Dermalogica cleansing gel. this melts all the impurities and makeup from my face. I finish by washing my face with cool water.

PM: Moisturizers and Serums … I apply ROC deep wrinkle serum with the Dermalogica over night repair serum and Retinol correction eye cream. last I make sure to apply my lip balm because I wake up with hydrated plump lips.

Weekly / Bi Weekly: Lip exfoliation, Clay masks or sheet masks. I exfoliate with ageless Image Skin care resurfacing scrub

Monthly or every 2 months … I go to the spa to get Cryo Facials or 24kt gold facials.

so there you have it LADIES .. YOUR WELCOME XOXOXO!!

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