GRWM for a Wedding

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Invited to a Wedding takes a lot of preparation starting with the wedding gift to what my wardrobe style will be , what am I wearing to how am I doing my hair and makeup what shoes OMG! BTW these heels were so sparkly and comfortable I love them. Everything so last minute except for the dress . Luckily I had this new dress in my closet since 2018 still with tags WOW !! I didn’t have much time to prep and so I rushed my way through this one. Pressed for time but I created this blog for fun. A video of me getting ready is something Ive always wanted to create its not exactly what I really wanted and I did not think this one through everything was so last minute and candid. excuse me but, IM RUSHING. Next time I will start earlier , coordinate my vlog and time. This one was just practice wink wink

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