Havana Cuba

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A place where your heart and soul feels the deepest most incredible feeling beyond any expectation you can imagine. Surrounded by humble people, crumbling pastel colored buildings all in it’s unique architecture. A place where you feel millions of stars and miles apart and disconnected from the world. Never did I imagine I would fall in love with this beautiful Island. Within its most humble hidden treasure in the hearts of the people you can feel the music flowing through your veins as you walk through the streets of Havana, you feel the presence of it’s people welcoming you with smiles. As you all know everything here is Antique and Classic. I was mesmerized by all the classic cars cruising Havana where time just stopped in this vintage era yet slowly becoming modernized with very few resources and new construction in few tourist areas. Havana is a place where no matter what life brings people never loose hope. We stayed at a casa particular sharing experiences with the locals and trust me this is the only way to experience Cuba. I visited so many historical places that captivated my heart . You have to experience Cuba how I experienced it to understand Cuban citizens, political views and communism. Cubans are limited , the things we take for granted are the things they need the most. I left behind a few of my personal items such as lotions, perfumes, shoes, clothes and I gave a friend my Bose Speaker as a gift because In Havana you cant be without music. Did you know that the average working citizen makes $200 pesos a month? I made friends which I now consider part of my life. This here is Havana behind my lens and in this Vlog I bring you a little piece of Cuba in the most authentic lifestyle. I loved it so much I am going Back to visit and taking more items I feel a beautiful energy here , god has a purpose for me in Cuba !!!

La Catedral De La Habana
Plaza De La Revolucion
El Capitolio
El Teatro
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