How To Design a Signature Look

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What is a signature Look : An Everyday Natural Look. A chic, modern look that is simply natural, mistake-proof, and perfect for every day . It can be Glamour , Sophisticated , Bombshell , or Vamp.  The One Look that fits your Lifestyle.  NO of course we don’t want to look the same every single day You don’t have to, switch it  it up occasionally. What I mean is this is  the look that looks flawless on YOU! The Look you created for yourself. Your unique Glam of color coordination that looks gorgeous on your pretty face.

As you all know I LOVE MAKEUP  , Loving make up does not necessarily mean you love to wear A LOT of makeup. I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup I have my days where I want to be bright and colorful then I have my NO makeup at all days but at the end I always prefer the natural with a little dramatic look .  After years of wearing makeup I finally found my comfort zone (My Soft Glam Signature Look) I decided to share this post with you to help you find your signature look.   Same look can get boring but you have to learn how to switch it up from a day time look to an evening look your look needs to fit the occasion.

We love to experiment with new beauty styles (and encourage others to do so too), but there’s something to be said about developing a signature makeup look—your go-to face that works with everything. You’ll always look amazing and save a lot of time.

Before you create a new signature look or tweak your existing one, consider the following:

  • Lifestyle. Where do you spend your day and what are you wearing? What is appropriate for your workplace/school/community? What reflects your personality? How much maintenance (if any) does your look require?
  • Comfort Level. Think about the makeup you can’t live without. Do you feel naked without your perfectly winged liner? Are there at least 4 different lip colors in your bag? Do you sculpt your cheeks to perfection before going to the grocery store? Figure out what you feel comfortable in that is also appropriate for you lifestyle.
  • Time. Do you need 2 minutes to apply foundation, blush and mascara, 5 mins for 5-6 products, or 10 minutes for your primed, perfected and polished visage?

Hone your craft , perfect it and flaunt it. 

Find products that work for your skin type and skin tone. Remember that not every color may look good on your skin tone.

Are you the Natural Glow Girl , Bright Color Babe or Dramatic Diva ? Whatever your preference is also consider your age and skin . Do you have skin sensitivity, Do you have large pores , skin discoloration (uneven Skin tone), Acne, Freckles, Beauty Marks , Any skin flaws you want to cover? Whatever your case is there is always a way to enhance your look.

The only way to see how makeup looks, feels and lasts is through a little trial and error. Go to your favorite makeup counter and ask a salesperson for guidance and a sample! Do some research try colors and different looks to see what look suits your pretty face best!

link to help you understand how you can create your Signature Look

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