My New Home Decor

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In with the NEW!  I finally decided to redecorate my condo. I was inspired by Marilyn Monroe black and white portraits . Yes I have an obsession with Miss Monroe, It began when I created my brand. I visualized something femenine, modern , glamorous, classy, elegant,  warm , cozy yet comfortable.  I used  Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black,White, Grey , Crystal and lots of Glass as my primary colors with transition colors in between . I wanted to personalize my living space so I began with creative ideas to compliment my expensive taste on a budget . I did a few DIY projects which I am definately proud of because they look perfect, They are the Chanel and Louis Vuitton canvas art hanging below the clear story windows and since I have vaulted ceilings they look nice.  I am installing white wood blinds on my clear story windows this month). I bought all glass picture frames for all my family portraits, installed a crystal chandelier,  glass and crystal centerpieces for my coffee table and dining table, bought a new floor mirror, a white ivory faux fur rug, added window treatments, bought new pillows for my couch, new lamps, new ottoman to match my couch with serving trays because I love to eat on my couch. New white throw blanket to cover myself when I lounge , I painted a grey wall and my dining area cabinet black. I improvised with a few pieces of furniture I already had.

I also wanted my own bar to entertain guests . The bar is my special little area since I love to drink mojitos and wine occasionally. The little details is all that matters when your decorating your living space , your home should represent and compliment you. I am very organized and clean so having these colors in my home in my eyes is extremely elegant.

My home looks beautiful it has my touch of class.  All accents and decor were purchased at Home Goods, Marshalls and Ross. I created a Vlog and took pictures to share my beautiful home with everyone. Mi Casa Tu Casa … My doors are opened to my family and dearest friends that I appreciate and adore so so very much. (keep scrolling down this blog to see all the beautiful accent pieces)

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