Autumn and Winter Makeup Trends

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The hottest, newest, freshest, prettiest makeup colors you can wear this season have arrived.  Matte,  shimmers, sparkles, gloss, and so much more. Deep tones, warm tones, metallic blends with nude tones and mattes for that natural look.  Below are the trendiest color combinations I have personally selected. These are some of my favorite makeup colors this season. Chocolate and Gold Shadows ( Metallic or Shimmer Shadows with a dash of glitter)  Pearly Nude Lip Gloss ( Look for a shade with pink undertones or light gold bronze)  Bordeaux Lips (dark lipstick tones and lip liners , sheer wine lipstick with a touch of shine) Cherry  Ruby Red Rouge Lips ( Cherry red is both innocent and sensual that classic red lip look, to sex it up add a dab of gloss)  Matte Caramel Champagne Nude Cocoa Mocha  Lips or gloss (the natural look is always in style ) Golden Brown Caramel Peach Wine Maroon Dark Rose Blushes  (natural peach or coral to define the apples of your cheeks , add gold shimmer to enhance the color) Dark Eyeliners  (blue liners , dark purple liners , dark grey liners, deep colors on the eyes. Simply smudge the  liner around the eyes or wing the edges) Chic Nail Polishes  ( subtle, warm , neutrals , dark wines and cherries, chrome silvers, midnight blues, emerald greens).  It’s time for a new makeover ladies, This season tones are all seductive.


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