Charcoal Beauty Mask

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Friday nights are my beauty nights I look forward to a relaxing  date with my body and skin. I found this Global Beauty Care Charcoal Mask at  Bed bath and beyond . It’s glowy goodness of a facial in 15 minutes! made from charcoal which digs deep to gently remove dirt without drying out your skin.  use this mask once a week .  When it comes to my skin I don’t play !  I am a total diva with my skin.  I receive lot’s of compliments  and I always say ” I take care of my skin”.  I do recommend to treat yourself every 3 months  to a spa facial . Consult with an esthetician they will provide advice and treatments specially for your skin type . I do microdermabrasion once a year  trust me cleansing and exfoliating your skin will reduce signs of aging, dark spots and black heads. Now breakouts I cant promise because us females have hormone issues every month that throws our skin off balance.  But the most  important thing is to keep your skin hydrated always moisturize wear SPF and use serum.  My personal skin experience …..  I’ve noticed a significant change in my skin with all the products I use.  ( I will share all of my products in a different post soon)

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