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This is the ideal female stack , for intense workouts I highly recommend this product. It’s a powerful boost of energy. I’ve been using this product for 2 years believe me when I say you will get results. You must be focused and dedicated to your fitness, health and diet. This supplement will intensify your workouts and help you achieve your goals. My fitness goals vary on the season I switch my fitness programs every other couple of months. I challenge myself occassionally just to see what I am capable of accomplishing . I gain weight when I want to maintain my thick curves I do less cardio and more strength training I find that it keeps me thick and toned.  When I want to be slim and gain muscle I do more cardio and more strenght training. No matter what my goal is this product has helped me accomplish it! Below is my routine.

My supplement routine:  Morning as a meal replacement protein shake with water and favorite fruit

Pre workout 1 hour before, Take 1 capsule of burner max , 1 capsule of the toner. Do not take after 5 pm if you workout in the evening. (you will have trouble sleeping)

During workout: Add half a scoop of BCAA to a 8 ounce water bottle  ( I drink it during my workouts)

Post workout , Protein shake , I take the PM capsule for muscle recovery and helps me sleep better .

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